Herb Pack
Herb Packs are very special planters that allow you to grow your own herbs without a patio or a garden. All you need is a wall!
​ Place Herb Packs in your balcony or window, insert the soil directly in the planter and create a seedbed or transplant your own plant. The excess water will drain slowly through the bottom, filtered.

Life in a bag
The Life in a bag project aims to inspire and encourage people to grow their own food in small spaces with reusable materials. We offer products that allows you to create an indoor organic herb garden and microgreens.
We combine nature, design and originality, which is a different alternative when you want to offer a gift.

Wet Pot
Wet Pot systems are the natural solution to simplify plant care.
The Wet Pot system is made up of two parts – clay for the actual plant and a separate hand-blown glass container which acts as a reservoir for water. Through the capillary process the plant absorbs from the clay pot all the water it needs to thrive.
Wet Pot Systems - healthy plants and peace of mind for you and your plants!


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