About us

What if all glass bottles could be re-used and turned into something useful?

That was something we thought about and that was how My Little Garden came to be. In truth, the My Little Garden bottle kits are the outcome of such an idea: wine bottles turned into herb pots would bring together the recycling, eco-design, and healthy diet concepts into one. How about that?

With the My Little Garden kits you can grow your own herbs at home using an innovative method, that is, you can eat natural products with no hard work needed and no worries about having to water them. All you have to do is plant the seeds and wait to harvest the plant.

We are eco

The pillars of the project are to recycle and reuse.

The seeds included in the kits are original and are certified as untreated; the soil has had no compost or chemical products added; the wick, which absorbs the water in the bottom part and keeps the soil damp, is made of natural fibre; and we collect the bottles from restaurants ourselves.

After harvesting the herbs you can use the kit again with more herbs or even flowers.

Our Partners

From the very beginning, the My Little Garden project has been based on partnerships which, from our perspective, fulfil another major requirement: the social integration of people in institutions. Such collaborators have been essential for us and we hope our contribution has been equal to the availability and professionalism they have dedicated to this project.

My Little Garden’s partners include O.A.S.I.S – Organização de Apoio e Solidariedade para a Integração Social, a social integration and support organization in Leiria, where members – people with disabilities – ensure the whole bottle-cleaning process and remove the labels.

The final phase – assembly of the kits – is carried out by a group of inmates at the Leiria Prison (Prisão Escola). From here they are ready to follow on to the different sales points.

The first phase of the whole process is also based on partnerships with local restaurants which support the project by providing empty wine bottles.

Bottle Kit

The simple bottle kit gives a new life to wine bottles that are turned into herb pots, or pots for flowers, or other plants. This eco-design project brings together the concept of reusing glass bottles and turning them into a functional vase which is also attractively decorative.


There are several products, brands, and projects on the market whose genesis and path followed are the same as My Little Garden’s philosophy. Some of those products can be found here.



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